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Lorenzo Thompson and his band have been around the world

Due to the Covid-19 Pandemic most venues and events around the world have been postponed or cancelled. As soon as we open up again will post up and coming concerts on this page. Stay tuned

Night clubs in Prague

Night clubs in Prague

Festivals in Brazil

Doing selfies, Dancing and Singing with his fans without missing a single beat!

County Fairs in the US

Company picnics to County Fairs, Lorenzo Thompson captivates all audiences.

Blues Concerts in Tokyo

On stage with blues artist near and far Lorenzo Thompson is always a big hit in Japan.

So Many Concerts

Traveling the world and singing the blues. Making new friends and collaborating with great bands

  • Bali and Jakarta Indonesia
  • Moscow and Siberia
  • Salzburg and Vienna Austria
  • Tokyo, Japan
  • Budapest, Hungary
  • Madrid and Barcelona Spain... and the island of Mallorca.
  • Santiago & La Plata Chile
  • Argentina which includes...
    Buenos Aires, Bariloche, El Boson, Mar del Plata,
    Puerto Madryn, Comodoro Rivadavia, Neuquén , Posadas
  • Performed all over Brazil which includes...
    Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, Belo Horizonte, Recife, Ouro Preto, Curitiba Antonina, Porto Alegre, Lavras

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