Lorenzo Thompson

Chicago, Illinois USA

+ (1) 773- 574- 8733

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Lorenzo has traveled around the world to perform. If you want Lorenzo Thompson to appear and perform for you do this….

  • Date 1:  Get the confirmed date that you want Lorenzo Thompson to perform
  • Travel: Lodging and Travel Arrangements  that you can provide 
  • STEP 3: Fill out the contact or booking form
  • STEP 4: Lorenzo Thompson will contact you about availability and terms.

You will find that Lorenzo Thompson’ schedule can be flexible. But during certain times of the year can be very busy. It’s always good to request your booking with Lorenzo as soon as you confirm your Venue.

There are several ways to book Lorenzo for your next event.
1. You can click BOOK and fill out the form.
2. You can email Lorenzo
3. You can Call him at 1574.904.8733
Please leave a complete message and Lorenzo will get back to you as soon as possible.

The best and most accurate price quote is when you can let us know the Date, Time and Venue of your event. Certain times of the year may determine an accurate price. Fill out all information on our booking form.

Yes! Lorenzo has travelled around the world to perform in cities large and small. United States, Japan, South American, Indonesia, Russia and many more

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